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  • Toe Crest removal available for those Birkenstock lovers who don't like the toe crest.  The price is for a single sandal.  Pairs are at twice the price.

    Toe Crest Removal

    $12.00 - $18.00

    For this Birkenstock repair, the toe crest is removed so there is a smooth area under the toes.  This repair also requires new top cover at an additional charge.

  • Many styles of Birkenstocks are available for a single purchase.  Please call Michelangelo to see if your sandal or shoe is one of them.

    Single Birkenstock Shoe or Sandal?

    $69.95 - $119.95

    Free S&H on this item in the USA Did your doggy eat one of your Birkenstocks?   Did you lose one canoeing? We offer a singles program on most Birkenstock styles.  Sorry the EVA sandals are not available under this program. Please...

  • PPT Poron heel cushioning
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    Heel Cushion


    Added heel cushion is available on your Birkenstocks in 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses.  The material is a bouncey Poron.  This modification may require a new top cover also.

  • Misc. Repairs Items at various amounts for various repairs.

    Misc. Repair Items

    $9.95 - $149.95

    This Repair Menu item is for a variety of miscellaneous repairs.  Please contact Michelangelo to see which option you need for what you are looking for.  This is a "plug in" SKU depending on what you need.  Please do not just randomly put...