Birk Parts

  • Birki's Footbed for sandals.

    FREE SHIPPING on this item in the USA.   Birkenstock Birkis Footbeds are available in limited sizes and widths.  Those of you who love this footbed know why, it is different than the traditional Birkenstock footbeds, but has the same...

  • Genuine Birkenstock Buckle Staples available in silver only at this time

    These are genuine Birkenstock Staples. Available in silver only at this time.  Approximate weight including packaging 1/2 Ounce, approximately 100 staples per package.  No returns or exchanges on this item.  

  • Buckle Staples - Non Birkenstock

    Buckle Staples - Non Birkenstock

    $2.00 - $120.00

    These are NOT Birkenstock Buckle Staples. The small package (approx. 100 staples) has a net weight of approximately .3 ounce and contains approximately 100 staples.  They are approximately 8mm in length and approximately 6mm in width.  If you...

  • Genuine Toulon Birkenstock ESD Replacement footbeds for shoes, boots and clogs.

    FREE SHIPPING in the USA on this item.  According to Birkenstock: The ESD offers reliable protection from electrostatic discharge. The ESD version therefore protects man and materials in highly sensitive areas like in the semiconductor industry. All...

  • Birko Sport Blue - Two Part Arch Support

    This two-part insole offers moderate support and cushioning for sports activities. The upper surface is made from damping BirkoZell. The underside is made from stable and shock-absorbing Birkocork. The parts can be worn individually or together...

  • Birkenstock Thong Stems

    Thong Piece


    Genuine Birkenstock thong stems used, most recently, in the Gizeh and Ramses styles. The thong stems come in black, white, and tan.  Sizes are small and large.  The small thong piece fits Birkenstock sizes 35 to 40 and the large fits...

  • Birkenstock Suede Footbed Liners

    Birkenstock Suede Tan Liners


    Genuine Birkenstock tan suede footbed liners come in two sizes 35-40 and 41-48.  These footbed liners must be trimmed after application.  Master's All Purpose Cement works great for applying these new suede footbed liners.  

  • Genuine Birkenstock soling material available in black, white or brown.  Price is per pair and per color.

    Genuine Birkenstock EVA soling material.  Some of these are precut, but most are rectangular cut that you trim to fit for the BIrkenstock size requested and 10 MM thick.  Trimming and sanding may be required after application.  Colors...