Toe Crest Removal

$12.00 - $18.00
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Toe Crest-1

For this Birkenstock repair, the toe crest is removed so there is a smooth area under the toes.  This repair also requires new top cover at an additional charge.

Misc. Repairs Items at various amounts for various repairs.

Misc. Repair Items

$14.95 - $150.00

This Repair Menu item is for a variety of miscellaneous repairs.  Please contact Michelangelo to see which option you need for what you are looking for.  This is a "plug in" SKU depending...

Shearling Replacement Top Covers for Birkenstock Sandals
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FREE SHIPPING in the USA on this item. This item may not be returned. These top covers are genuine shearling and come in all Euro sizes 28 - 50.  The repair price includes installation on open...

Genuine Birkenstock Heels, available in Black, White, Brown and Beige

Birkenstock Dog Bone Design Heel

$29.95 - $39.95

Genuine Birkenstock soling materials are used to repair the heels on Birkenstock sandals, Boston Clogs and London shoes.  The colors available are Black, Brown, Beige and White.  The...

Mayari toe loop or thong repair.
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Thong Repair Mayari Style


The Mayari Style sandal from Birkenstock, on occasion, will have the toe loop thong piece snap at the base of the cork footbed.  We can fix this by pulling the sole back, adding a piece if...

Many styles of Birkenstocks are available for a single purchase.  Please call Michelangelo to see if your sandal or shoe is one of them.

Free S&H on this item in the USA Did your doggy eat one of your Birkenstocks?   Did you lose one canoeing? We offer a singles program on most Birkenstock styles.  Sorry the EVA...

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