High Arch Footbeds

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Footbeds HA-1

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The Birkenstock High Arch Footbed has the same features as the Classic Footbed, but has more arch support for those who need a little more support.  

A Legendary Design

At the heart of every Birkenstock design is the legendary footbed. The details are all in the design; each element of the footbed serves a purpose to encourage proper foot wellbeing and health. The result is signature style coupled with all day comfort.

Deep Heel Cup

The deep heel cup cradles the heel and keeps your natural cushioning right under the heel bone.

Longitudinal Arch Support

The longitudinal arch support runs along the sides of the footbed, providing stability with each step.

Transverse Arch Support

The transverse arch support runs through the middle of the footbed, helping ensure proper alignment and a solid stance.

Raised Toe Bar

The raised toe bar encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet, exercises the legs, and stimulates circulation.
* Birkenstock does not currently make this High Arch Footbed.  Some sizes may not be available from stock, but Michelangelo can make them for you! In order to do this, an unlined (Naked) footbed is modified to increase the arch support.
Unsure about your size?  Check out the Birkenstock Fitting Guide to help you. https://www.birkenstock.com/us/us-service-fittingguide.html